T4K Program


Kids’ Safari Learning Center is a proud partner with the Monona Grove School District in offering the Together 4 Kids 4K program. Together 4 Kids (T4K) is a comprehensive child development program available to all four-year-old children within the Monona Grove School District.  T4K is a play-based program designed to nurture the social, emotional and early literacy skills of four-year-old children. It does not take the place of Kindergarten.


Frequently Asked Questions about T4K

What is wraparound service?  Kids’ Safari offers wrap-around pre-kindergarten programming and childcare outside of the 2 hours and 40 minutes of T4K programming.  Children attending T4K at Kids’ Safari and who need wraparound services can enroll at the early learning fair. You will need to mark the appropriate boxes on the T4K interest form. You can also contact Leighanne directly or through email to make sure your spot is reserved.

Will tuition decrease for students attending T4K at Kids’ Safari with wraparound services? Tuition will NOT decrease for children with wraparound services.

Why is tuition not decreasing? Every year since Kids’ Safari has partnered with the Monona Grove School District for T4K, we have been asked, “Why is there no reduction in tuition if my child leaves the Kids’ Safari classroom to attend a free program?” Kids’ Safari does receive a stipend from the Monona Grove School District for the T4K program, but that money is used to pay the salaries and benefits of those DPI teachers that work in the program as well as other materials such as construction paper, paint, art materials, books, etc. The stipend is not intended to and does not support the preschool programming of Kids’ Safari outside of the T4K hours.

Your weekly tuition continues to pay for and support the operations of the Kids’ Safari pre-kindergarten program. Kids’ Safari’s teachers remain on the clock while your child is in the T4K classroom. The T4K program runs for only 2 hours and 50 minutes each day, yet the average daily attendance in the Kids’ Safari classroom is 9 hours per day. Clearly, the children spend the majority of their time in the Kids’ Safari classroom every day.

Will Kids’ Safari offer care for children attending T4K at another Monona Grove site? Kids’ Safari will offer care for children attending T4K at other sites IF and only if there is available space after all children attending wraparound services have registered.

Will Kids’ Safari offer T4K for children attending only a.m. or p.m. classes and do NOT need wraparound services? Yes. Parents who indicate Kids’ Safari as their first choice for an a.m. or p.m. only class may have their child attend Kids Safari for the T4K at no cost, (MGSD students only) if there is availability.

How will children from other districts (that attend or would like to attend Kids Safari) be affected by the implementation of T4K?  It is hard to say what the long-term affect will be; however, Kids’ Safari currently plans on maintaining its services to children from other districts within our current Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies GOLD program.

Will Kids’ Safari still offer a morning preschool program for three and four-year-old children not eligible for the T4K program? Yes, Kids’ Safari will maintain the current programming options for all students in MGSD as well as students from other districts.

Will my child need transportation to Kids’ Safari for T4K programming? Children attending wraparound services will NOT be transported by the MGSD and will need their own transportation to and from the center. Children attending a.m. or p.m. only T4K classes will be provided transportation by the MGSD transportation department.

How will T4K affect the Creative Curriculum and WEMLS that is already offered at Kids Safari? It will not affect the current curriculum or network systems for children attending wraparound services. MGSD has purchased additional curriculum units by Houghton Mifflin that will enhance our already established and comprehensive program. The curriculum fee will remain the same.

Who will teach the T4K program? Each T4K classroom of 18 children will have two teachers. One teacher will be a licensed DPI teacher and the second teacher will be highly qualified with a degree in child development or early childhood education.

What are the differences between Kids’ Safari current program and the MGSD T4K program? The MGSD enhances our already comprehensive program with an additional curriculum by Houghton Mifflin (a leader in education standards and curriculum). The Houghton Mifflin curriculum offers advanced activities and programs that will enhance a child’s whole development.

How do I register my child for T4K? Registration for T4K must take place through MGSD. Interest forms are available online, at the Early Learning Fair and at T4K sites.

Registration for wrap-around preschool must take place through Kids’ Safari. Enrollment and registration forms and are available in the director’s office at Kids’ Safari. Please contact Leighanne Dockerty for more information.

Is T4K mandatory if my child attends Kids’ Safari and lives in the MG school district? T4K is an optional program but your child may still be placed in a classroom that offers T4K programming to maintain age-appropriate groupings.