Preschool Program

Welcome to Kids’ Safari Learning Center’s Twos and Preschool Program. The Cheetah, Zebra, Rhino, Lion and Wildebeest classrooms invite you and your preschooler to a wonderful new world of adventures in learning!

As with infants and toddlers, schedules and routines are important to preschoolers. Consistency of routines and schedules allow young children to feel safe and secure while building their confidence and autonomy in managing their own behaviors and actions. Schedules and routines also expose children to the important concepts of time and planning

Our day begins as our doors open at 6:00am. Early morning routines, before 7:00am, begin in the Parrot Café for preschool and school age children. Early mornings snacks for children arriving before 7:00am area available. Early morning offers a quiet transition that provides opportunities for children to engage in interest areas, quiet activities, or spend time cuddling with the early morning staff.

At 7:00am the remaining classrooms come alive and offer opportunity for conversation, interest areas, and beginning routines such as hand washing, signing-in and daily schedule development.

At 7:45am our day really gets rocking as we begin with our Good Morning Group! The Good Morning Group establishes the pathway for meaningful discussion and the daily learning activities. It incorporates new vocabulary as well as new concepts in an interdependent learning structure. During the Good Morning Group children will learn to speak in front of others as well as listen to others. It encourages friendships, promotes cooperation and builds positive social interactions.

At 8:00am a nutritious and delicious breakfast is served. Children in the Rhino, Lion and Wildebeest Rooms will have their breakfast served in the Parrot Cafe; all other classrooms will have breakfast served in their classrooms. To ensure your child has the opportunity to eat breakfast please arrive no later than 8:10am.

At 8:30am children move from breakfast to daily activities such as discovery through literacy activities and/or investigative studies, gym and/or library, and outdoor play.

  • Interest areas include teacher-directed and child-initiated activities in math, science, manipulatives, gross motor, creative art, dramatic play, construction and blocks, writing, sensory, and music and movement.
  • Investigative studies are project-based learning with topics that children want to explore! Teachers facilitate investigations that incorporate new content skills and knowledge, new vocabulary, and allow children to engage in direct observation and experimentation.
  • Gym and library are typically offered two times per week for each classroom (exception is Monkey and Gazelle which is only once per week); children spend ½ hour each in the gym and library on the scheduled days.
    • When visiting the library the children are engaged in storytelling, puppets, and interactive reading. The language and literacy staff will offer a variety of creative and imaginative activities that will encourage language and literacy development.
    • When visiting the gym the children are engaged in physical activity that enhances gross motor skills and fosters self-esteem. Activities will encompass strength building, coordination skills, and healthy habits.
  • Outdoor play is typically 45-minutes and engages children in large muscle movement, dramatic play, and socialization. Outdoor time is designed to encourage physical conditioning and a healthy lifestyle as well as social interactions, cooperation and friendships. There are three separate playgrounds that offer equipment designed to be developmentally appropriate for a wide range of development and age ranges.
  • Interest areas and discovery time encourages children to make individual choices and promotes independence. It allows time for children to explore and investigate their surroundings with freedom and creativity. Children are invited to explore any and all areas on their schedule and of their own interest.

Between 11:30am and 11:50am lunch is served either in the Parrot Café or for the younger children in the classroom. Lunch is served family style and offers a well-balance diet that meets USDA Food Program requirements.

At approximately 12:30pm a quiet rest time begins. Children are provided a rest mat or pack-n-play, darkened room, and soothing music to help them relax and rest their bodies. All children under the age of five are required to rest for at least 30-minutes. Children are permitted to sleep for approximately two hours, however, if a child has not fallen asleep within 30-minutes of laying down that child will be allowed to pursue quiet activities such as books, puzzles, and writing/coloring activities to which do not disturb sleeping children for the remainder of quiet time.

The preschool programs swing back into action between 2:15pm and 2:30pm. Staff assist the children in putting their belongings in the proper storage areas as well as assist with toileting and hand-washing in preparing for snack.

At 2:30pm – 2:45 pm snack is served in either the classroom or the Parrot Café. Snack is nutritional and provides an energy boost for the remainder of the busy day.

At approximately 3:00pm learning activities, interest areas, and outdoor play resume. This time allows teachers to expand on the morning activities as well as provides additional time for children to pursue their favorite activities and/or personal interest.

4:45pm begins the closing routines for each of the classrooms. At this time many parents have already begun arriving to take their children home and our early morning teachers have begun their closing routines. Children may transition to a new classroom at this time to allow teachers to clean and organize their classrooms from the busy day.

At approximately 5:30 all children have transitioned to one of four classrooms: Hippo, Gazelle, Zebra and Lion. Children at the center in the late afternoon are provided several choices in interest areas as well as time engaged in stories and/or music and movement. Late afternoon staff provide extra cuddling time providing that much needed relaxation after a long day of play and learning. A small snack is also available to children that are in still care after 5:30pm.

It is important to note that the daily routine is a generalization of the center’s schedule. Factors such as fieldtrips, extra-curricular activities, weather, etc may affect the daily routine and alter the schedule for a short or even an extended period of time.