Registration and Tuition Fees

Registration and Tuition fees

A one-time non-refundable registration fee off $100.00 per child for all families is due prior to the first day of enrollment. This does not pertain to any existing family or family with a contract in place.

An annual supply fee (currently $75) for EACH child enrolled will be determined by the Administrator and is due prior to the first day of enrollment. The supply fee will billed to your account annually on the date of your enrollment anniversary.

A non-refundable curriculum fee (currently $25.00) for all infant, toddler and preschool children will be determined annually by the Administrator and is due prior to the first day of enrollment. The curriculum fee will be billed to your account on April 1, August 1, and December 1. 

Children attending the summer camp program, Camp Safari, in the school age program will be charged a summer curriculum fee ($50.00). The summer curriculum fee will be charged on June 15th and the amount will be determined by the administrator annually.

Children attending the after-school program will be charged a transportation fee of $45.00 on September 1st. The transportation fee is to help offset the costs charged by Monona Grove for daily transportation from the local elementary schools.

Weekly tuition fees are due on Monday of the current week of attendance and are currently collected through automatic draft transfer with Tuition Express; however, if automatic draft transfer is not appropriate for your family we can accept other forms of payment such as personal checks, cash or checks sent through bill-pay of financial institutions. Checks should be made payable to Kids’ Safari.

Additional fees for school age no-school and early release days apply; see rate sheet. A two week notice is required for children’s absence on no-school or early release days if either falls on a regularly contracted day. If a two week notice is not given for absence we will assume that you need care for your child and the additional tuition for the no-school or early release day will be applied to your tuition account regardless of actual attendance.

All tuition fees are non-refundable regardless of the reason including but not limited to a child’s absence for illness, disciplinary actions, vacations, or weather related closings or withdrawal from the program without the proper two week notice. ** Note Vacation Policy

Tuition is based upon the age (which determines child-to-teacher ratio) and contracted attendance for each child. Contracted fees are based on the full-week, MWF, or TR full-day attendance policy (four or more hours). KSLC does not offer part-time days with the exception of Python Preschool and After School Care. A late fee of 10% on the balance due is added weekly to the tuition fee if payment is not received on time. If payment is two or more weeks behind, Kids’ Safari reserves the right to suspend or terminate care with a five day notice. If care is suspended or terminated all tuition incurred is still owed and any and all action necessary will be taken to collect. In addition, families who have been late on payment more than two times will be required to utilize the Tuition Express processing for all future tuition.

Any check returned to Kids’ Safari for insufficient funds will have an additional $45.00 service charge and check writing privileges may be revoked. Personal checks and cash payments should be placed in the tuition mailboxes in both entryways. Checks paid through financial institutions should be received by mail on the Friday prior to the upcoming week of attendance. Requests for receipts will be honored and will be available upon request.

The management team will determine the tuition rates and will include the rates as an addendum to the Parent’s Handbook. Tuition is based on cost of operations, inflation, and competition. Tuition is also determined and classified by the program a child is enrolled in (based on the child’s age) and number of days in attendance. Kids’ Safari reserves the right to adjust tuition rates as needed with a minimum 30 day written notice given to parent/guardians.

A 10% discount will be given to families with two or more children enrolled. The discount will be applied ONLY to the oldest child’s tuition and only to contracted rates.

Additional Fees

Kids’ Safari reserves the right to charge additional fees for (but not limited to) fieldtrips, curriculum activities, transportation, and lunch that is served by the center on brown bag lunch days.

  • The cost for fieldtrips may or may not be refunded according if a child is absent on the day of the trip; this is determined on a per case basis.
  • “Let’s Find Out” magazine orders, ‘à la carte programs and additional items as deemed necessary.
  • Transportation fees include but are not limited, to transportation to and from schools, extra-curricular activities and fieldtrips.
  • A charge of $5.00 will be accessed for a center-provided lunch on a designated brown bag lunch day.
  • A charge of $5.00 for forgotten wipes, $20.00 for forgotten diapers may also be charged if notification of depleted supplies has been given and no action is taken by parents.
  • A charge of $5.00 will be accessed for families who fail to report their child absent or late by 9:00am on the day of the absence or tardy. This fee is being put in place as a new state law holding child care and learning centers liable for your children’s safety even before they arrive to the center.