Waiting List Policy & Information

Request for Enrollment can be filled out and submitted online or by contacting the director’s office.

Request for enrollment at Kids’ Safari Learning Center must include a desired start date (month and year) for child care and one of the following:  (a) your child’s date of birth; (b) child’s estimated due date; or (c) proof of an adoption application.  Kids’ Safari cannot accept placeholder applications that do not include a birth date, due date, or proof of adoption application.

Kids’ Safari operates under a priority system for enrollment purposes.

  • Children of Kids’ Safari employees have first priority.
  • Siblings of children presently enrolled in the program have second priority.
  • All other applicants have third priority.

Because of this priority system, an applicant’s place on the waiting list order is not fixed.  Within each category, applicants will be offered space in the program on a first-come, first-served basis. Nevertheless, regardless of the date of your application, you can be bumped by a subsequent applicant from a higher-priority category.

Placement on the waiting list does not guarantee that a space will be available when you want it, even if you are in a high-priority category.  The earlier you apply, the greater your chances will be for future enrollment.  Kids’ Safari requires only a two week notice of intent to withdraw a child currently enrolled in the program. As a result, the availability of space for new enrollees is sometimes known only two weeks in advance.  In general, we will not contact you until we can offer you an opportunity to enroll.  We therefore encourage you to periodically check on the status of your place on the waiting list and changes in anticipated spaces for new enrollees.  In particular, if you apply before the birth or adoption of your child, you should make contact when your child is born or adopted to update your waiting list application with the child’s name and date of birth, and updated contact information for you, if applicable.

Your child’s application will be maintained on the waiting list in the order it was received, subject to the priority categories outlined in sections 3 and 4 above, until you reach the top of the list.  At that time, your child will be offered the next available space in the room for which s/he is age eligible.

Upon being offered a space, you have 48 hours to either accept or decline the space.  Upon acceptance of a space at Kids’ Safari, a nonrefundable registration fee must be paid within three working days to secure the slot.  Should you change your mind regarding enrollment in the center prior to your child’s start date, the deposit is nonrefundable.

Kids’ Safari will consider, on a case by case basis, requested changes to your anticipated start date and waiting list placement that result from complications in the birth or adoption of your child, or unanticipated health issues affecting your child.