Enrollment and Admission Policy

Families interested in enrollment at Kids’ Safari Learning Center can call, write or visit to obtain information about the program. Tours and classroom visitations will be accommodated by a scheduled appointment to ensure director availability.

Enrollment priority will be given as follows:

  1. Children of current staff members.
  2. Currently enrolled children.
  3. Siblings of currently enrolled children.
  4. Families on the waiting list prioritized by date of initial contact.


Enrollment is determined by availability of space in the individual classrooms as determined by the directors in accordance with state licensing rules and regulations in regard to child –to-staff ratios and maximum group size. There are no restrictions for enrollment such as toilet training or motor skills. ** Exception for Python Preschool- Children must be toilet trained.

Considerations that may be taken into consideration in the decision of child placement in classrooms:

  • Scheduling needs of classrooms and families
  • Age of children in enrolled
  • Licensing teacher–to–child ratios
  • Peer groupings
  • Parent request
  • Special needs of a child or family

Acceptance of enrollment will be established after the child and parent have fulfilled a (1) tour of the facility (2) overview of center policies (3) brief visitation session with the child’s prospective classroom and teachers.

Upon acceptance of enrollment and BEFORE or ON the first day of enrollment every child must have completed and on file the following forms by the stated timeline:

  • DCF (CFS-0062) Child Care Enrollment Form
  • DCF (F-44192) Day Care Immunization Form
    • State law requires all children in child care centers to present evidence of immunization against diseases within 30 days of admission to the center.
    • An electronic printout of the Wisconsin Immunization Registry or other registry maintained by a health check provider may used in place of the DCF Immunization Form
  • DCF (CFS-0060) Child Health Report signed and dated by a physician
    • Children under the age of 2 must have an initial health exam not more than 6 months prior to first date of attendance at Kids’ Safari and have a follow up exam at least once every 6 months while in attendance.
    • Children over the age of 2 must have an initial health exam not more than one year prior to the first date of attendance and a have a follow up exam at least once every two years while in attendance.
  • DCF (CFS 2345) Health History and Emergency Care Plan
  • DCF (CFS 104) Alternate Arrival/Release Agreement (School Age only)
  • DCF (CFS 0061) Intake Form for Children Under 2 (Infants and Toddlers only)
    • Children under the age of two must have an intake form completed by a parent or guardian every three months.
  • Kids Safari Learning Center Contract for Services
  • Kids Safari Learning Center Family Information Form
  • Tuition Express Registration Form
  • Teaching Strategies GOLD Invitation

To inquire about enrollment, you may call our office at 608-839-9095 or submit your information here:

Request Enrollment