Daily Routine

The daily routine is designed to support and enhance the curriculum as well as provide opportunity for extra-curricular activities that further support and expand each child’s development. A routine that offers predictability and consistency is important to young children as they form ideas about their world and how they can operate within it. It creates a sense of trust and reliability and establishes an awareness of independence and self-image. With this philosophy as our guide we have developed a routine that offers a balance of teacher-directed activities, child-initiated activities, active and quiet times, large and small muscle activity, and indoor and outdoor play.

Parent’s Role in the Daily Routine

As parents arrive with their children in the morning they should assist their child(ren) place their belongings in their cubby and then greet the classroom teacher.  It is also extremely important for both parents and children to wash their hands before entering the classroom play area. Once hands are washed parents and children can join the classroom play areas and begin participation in the daily routine.

We strongly encourage that ALL children in the toddler and preschool programs arrive by 7:45am (or after 8:05am) to ensure consistency and quality in programming. Disruptions to activities such as group time can weaken the learning experience by diverting attention and participation away from the discussion and/or activities that are being offered. We want to ensure that ALL children are able to engage fully in the classroom experience.

The early hours, before 7:45am, also offers the best opportunity for staff and parent communication. Kids’ Safari promotes a strong connection between families and staff and a way to strengthen that connection is to have a time to discuss the child’s and/or family’s events and activities at home. Important information to share with your child’s teachers include any changes in eating and sleeping patterns, any signs of suspected illness, or other outside factors that may affect the child’s demeanor throughout the day.

Quiet time also serves as the teachers’ time for breaks as well as planning for curriculum and activities. Dropping children off at the center in the toddler and preschool rooms between the hours of 12:00pm and 2:00pm often disrupts the serenity of quiet time and sometimes disrupts the sleeping patterns of the children already in care. It then becomes very challenging for the staff to complete their necessary tasks as their focus is diverted to the drop off and easing the child through the transition. We ask that you be mindful of this important time and avoid dropping off during this time if at all possible, especially if your child is not prepared for quiet time (i.e. woke up late and is not tired, etc) .