All staff of Kids’ Safari Learning Center will ensure the well-being and safety of every child and maintain the highest level of commitment to supporting, caring for, and educating the children. Confidentiality shall be of the highest priority.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Kids’ Safari Learning Center is an equal opportunity employer. Kids’ Safari does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment upon the basis of age, sex, race, religion, color, handicap, sexual orientation, or national origin in regard to recruiting, hiring, training, on-the-job treatment, compensation, and promotion.

Kids’ Safari seeks to employ individuals with a genuine interest in the care and education of young children. Kids’ Safari only restricts employment as it applies to State Regulation Requirements for Group Child Care Centers.


All members of Kids’ Safari staff are hired in accordance with the policies and regulations of DCF for Group Care and of the minimum qualifications outlined in the staff descriptions of Kids’ Safari Learning Center’s Employee Policies Handbook.

When a staff position becomes available, the Administrator will post the opening on the employee information board, MATC job postings board, Job Service, Craig’s List and possibly the Wisconsin State Journal and Independent Herald newspapers.

The Administrator maintains ultimate responsibility for all hiring and promotions of staff. The Administrator will consult with the Director and mentoring staff members as needed in the screening, interviewing and selecting of candidates for staff positions.

The Administrator has ultimate authority to make offers of employment. The offer shall include a letter and employment agreement stating salary, classroom assignment and starting date of employment. The applicant has 10 days from date of offer to accept and sign the offer of employment.

Employment Procedures

Qualified applicants should complete and return an employment application and/or resume with cover letter along with a Caregiver Background Information Disclosure. Applicants should also include copies of any certificates or transcripts related to the early childhood field.

Criminal and Caregiver Background Checks

All adults, staff and volunteers that have regular and consistent contact with the children enrolled in the learning center will have on file at the office by their first day of involvement, a background verification form (CFS-64) and a criminal background check by the Department of Justice. Results from these background checks will be placed in the employee’s file upon receipt from authorities. If the results indicate that a person is convicted of any offenses described in the “childcare barred list” provided by DCF, that individual will be immediately barred from employment at Kids’ Safari. Background checks will be performed yearly.

Any employee that is convicted of a crime, has been or is being investigated by a government authority, has a substantiated governmental finding, or has a professional license denied, revoked, restricted or otherwise limited must report this knowledge to the Administrator within 24 hours of the occurrence or knowledge of the infraction. The Administrator will then notify DCF no later than the next business day of the occurrence.

Link to Background Information Disclosure: http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forms/F8/F82064.pdf